How to Wear an Elastic Headband Properly

Updated March 23, 2017

Elastic headbands make great fashion accessories and can be worn with casual, work and formal outfits. They can be worn to add interest to an up-do or with simple "down" hairstyles, regardless of your hair type or length. Elastic headbands are also a great way to create a polished look when you simply do not have enough time to style your hair before going to work, school or early morning workouts.

Style your hair first when attempting to achieve a certain look. Putting a headband on before blow drying, applying basic styling products, flat ironing or curling will make the styling process extremely difficult. Wash and dry your hair, and decide whether you want to wear your hair down or in an up-do. Flat iron or curl your hair the same way you would if you were wearing your hair without a headband.

Select a headband that suits your personal style and outfit. Choose a basic, subdued colour to wear to work if you work in an office or other professional setting. If you are going shopping with friends or to class, you can choose a headband in either a neutral or bright colour or pattern. Choose an embellished elastic headband to complement formal outfits.

Hold the headband that you chose with both hands. Use your hands and fingers to stretch the band and slip it over your head, pulling it all the way down to your neck. If there are any embellishments on the elastic band, make sure that they are facing front (not at the back of your neck). Grasp the front of the band with both hands. Stretch the band forward and lift it toward the top of your head. Drop the band 1 to 2 inches past your hairline.


For a trendy variation, try wearing two elastic headbands at once. This look looks best when the bands are placed an inch apart at the top of the head.

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