How to Copy Interactive DVDs

Interactive DVDs, like Karaoke or choose-your-own-adventure DVDs, have slightly more complex file structures than regular DVD discs. To copy an interactive DVD without losing any vital structure requires that you copy the DVD either as an image file, like an ISO, or that you copy the "Audio TS" and "Video TS" folders. While many programs allow for ripping DVDs, not all support copying DVDs. Fortunately, there are several program options including programs like Any DVD Cloner, Magic DVD Copier, and Top DVD Clone.

Download a free trial version or purchase Any DVD Cloner for £32.40. Double-click the installation file to begin the program installation. Agree to the terms of use, and launch the program.

Insert the DVD you wish to copy into your computer. Click the "Open DVD" button. Find your DVD in the pop-up Windows Explorer screen, and enable the box next to its icon.

Select "DVD Folder" from the "Output Device" drop-down menu the Any DVD Cloner program. Click the "Copy DVD" button.

Choose a folder on your computer where you want your copied DVD stored. Your DVD will begin copying automatically.

Direct your internet browser to Magic DVD Copier's download page. Download a free trial or purchase the software for £22.70. Agree to the terms of use, and install the software. Launch Magic DVD Copier.

Insert the DVD you wish to copy into your computer's disc drive.

Click the "..." button next to the "Source" field. Select your DVD.

Press the "..." button to the right of the "Target" box to designate the destination folder on your computer where the program will save your DVD copy.

Select "Full Disc" as your "Copy Mode."

Click "Go!" to begin copying your interactive DVD's file structure to your hard drive.

Install Top DVD Clone after downloading the free trial software. Insert your interactive DVD into your computer, and launch Top DVD Clone.

Select the top illustration of a DVD pointing to another DVD. This tells the program to clone the DVD.

Click the "Profile" box, and select the interactive DVD to copy from the pop-up menu. This is your source file. It tells the program what to copy.

Press the "Settings" button in the left panel of the screen.

Click the "..." button, and choose a folder where you want the copied files saved.

Click the large "Start" button on the lower left side of the screen to begin copying your interactive DVD.


Make sure you have enough open space on your hard drive before you begin cloning a DVD. Most DVDs hold either 4.7 GB or 8.5 GB, depending on the type of disc.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD Copying Software
  • Computer
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