How to Export Mail From Outlook to a USB Flash Drive

Updated February 21, 2017

Outlook is an e-mail software program included in the Microsoft Office package. With Outlook, you can receive and send e-mails, use the calendar to track important appointments and keep a to-do list. Outlook also allows you to export important mail messages and save them to a USB flash drive. Once the information is on a flash drive, you can transfer the messages to a different computer or keep them as a backup.

Open Outlook.

Select the "File" menu then select "Import and Export."

Select "Export to a file." Click "Next."

Select "Personal Folder File (.pst)" from the list and click "Next."

Highlight the message folder you want to export. Check the "Include Subfolders" box if you wish to export messages from the subfolders. Click "Next."

Select "Browse" in the "Save exported file as" pop-up. Type a file name in the file text box.

Choose the USB flash drive as the save location and click "Save."

Select "Finish."

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