How to Find a Sexual Predator in Your Area

Written by andrea griffith | 13/05/2017
How to Find a Sexual Predator in Your Area
Protect your children and family from sexual predators. (children image by Asparuh Stoyanov from

Keeping their family and children safe is every parent's top priority. Although you can teach your children--young or old-- many different ways to stay safe (use the buddy system, never go anywhere alone, never go anywhere with a stranger or someone they feel uncomfortable with, etc), you can not, necessarily, prevent a sex offender from trying to lure children, teens or even adults in. You can, however, find if there are any sexual predator/offenders living in your neighbourhood.

Go to the National Sex Offender Registry online at

Enter your information in the middle of the screen under "Find Offenders." You'll need to enter your street, city, state and zip code.

You can also search by name if you know someone who is possibly an offender by typing in his name, along with the state he resides in.

Click "Search" to get a list of the sex offenders in your area.

Look at the map to determine how many people in your area are sex offenders. The map will display squares in different colours. Red squares are sex crimes against children (light red is the offender's home, dark red is the offender's work); yellow and white squares are offenders convicted of rape (yellow is offender's home, white is offender's work); blue squares are crimes of sexual battery (light blue is offender's home, dark blue is offender's work). Green squares indicate other sexual offences (light green is offender's home, dark green is offender's work).

Click on each one of the squares to get (some) detailed information of the offender. You will have a picture of the offender,his address, and what his name is. You can also click on the separate boxes to get more information. For example, click on "Convictions" to see what he was convicted of. Click on "Description" to get a detailed description of his race, date of birth, height, weight, eye colour, and markings (like tattoos).

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