How to Copy DVDs on a Sony VAIO

Updated February 21, 2017

All Sony Vaio laptop computers ship running a version of the Windows operating system (either Vista or 7, depending on when you purchased your unit). Because of this, you can use the tools built into the Windows operating system to make copies of any DVD data discs that you'd like. You'll have to do so using Windows Explorer, Windows' standard file and folder browsing program.

Click "Start."

Click "Computer."

Insert the DVD data disc you'd like to copy into your DVD burner. After a second, the icon for your DVD burner in "Computer" will change to reflect the newly inserted disc.

Right-click on the icon for your burner and click "Copy." All of the contents of the DVD data disc will be copied to Windows' memory. Be patient - depending on how full the disc is with data, this could take a couple of minutes to finish up.

Remove the data DVD disc from your DVD burner and insert into the burner a blank DVD.

Right-click on the icon for your DVD burner. Click "Paste." All of the files from the previous data DVD disc will be pasted into the "Temporary Memory" of the blank disc in the burner. Double-click on the icon to open up the contents.

Check over the contents of the disc to make sure all files copied correctly. Once you have verified this, click "Burn Files to Disc" to create a copy of your original DVD using the burner on your Sony Vaio.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD Burner
  • DVD
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