How to Make a Curved Bed Crown

Updated February 21, 2017

Walking into a bedroom and seeing a crown framing the bed will gain anyone's attention. Not only does a bed crown add a touch of royalty to a bedroom, it is fairly simple to complete and less expensive than buying one already made. In addition, with your own fabric choices, paint colours and curved design, your bed crown can fit perfectly within your bedroom motif. Whether it's for a little girl's princess-themed room or to add some elegance to the master bedroom, this exciting change from a traditional headboard can be customised to fit your room perfectly.

Measure the space where your crown will go, along with the size of the crown you want. Decide if you want the shape to be curved around or a box style. Making a curve or wavy design involves a little more work than using the box style.

Visit a hardware store and obtain 1/4- or 1/2-inch plywood. The 1/2-inch is better if you are using nails or staples. If using foam, which can also be found at a hardware store, the amount you will need is also determined by the shape and size. Keep in mind whether you want it attached to the wall or ceiling, because you will need an extra piece of wood or foam if it's the ceiling.

Draw your desired curved shape out of the cardboard template and cut using a utility knife. Cut out any side pieces using a straight edge or your curved design.

Cut the foam using a foam cutting tool -- most likely hot wire. If using wood, use a jigsaw to cut the straight pieces and curves. Using the cardboard template, trace the design onto your wood or foam with a pencil. Glide the cutting tool over the foam or wood to create the desired shape.

Attach all pieces together to create a box or finished semicircle. This can be done using 1/4-inch nails or strong wood glue.

Sand any rough parts of the box. Paint the crown box or semicircle with a craft acrylic paint of choice and let dry. You can also cover the box with fabric instead of paint by stapling it to the back with 1/4-inch staples.

Measure the length of fabric needed for the bed. The length of fabric will need to be determined by measuring where the bottom of the crown will be to the floor. In order to have the fabric sitting on hooks at the sides of the bed, the length will need to be a few inches longer.

Glue the fabric to the crown using a strong fabric glue or use 1/4-inch staples to attach the fabric to the inside of the box. A decorative piece of ribbon or feather boa can also be attached to any part of the crown using the same fabric glue.

Secure the crown to the wall or ceiling using a level, drywall screws and a drill.


It is possible to find circle pieces of wood at a large hardware store that can be cut in half to make your curved shape.


Wear safety glasses when cutting wood or foam to protect eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • Foam panels or plywood
  • Foam cutting tool or jigsaw
  • Cardboard
  • Utility knife
  • Fabric
  • Staples
  • Drill
  • Paint
  • Level
  • Drywall screws and wall hangers
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