How to fold paper tri-corner hats

A tricorne hat is a three-cornered hat that was popular in the 17th and 18th century. These hats were traditionally worn for military purposes or to show allegiance to political parties. The wide brim of the hat also served a practical purpose in keeping the rain off the wearer's face. Paper three cornered hats are an inexpensive, fun and easy crafts for children to make.

Fold the piece of newspaper in half, with the folded edge at the top.

Fold the top corners of the newspaper to the middle, forming a triangle with about two inches of paper left at the bottom. Use tape to secure the edges

Fold up the first page of the bottom section of the newspaper twice to create the brim on the front of the hat. Secure in place with tape

Flip the hat over and fold up the bottom section of the newspaper twice to create the brim on the back of the hat. Secure in place with tape.


Use coloured markers, glitter, buttons, stickers, tissue paper, ribbon and glue to add decorations and personalise your hat. For a more secure fit, tape a string to the inside corners of the brim and secure it under your chin.


Children should be supervised while making any crafts.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 piece of newspaper
  • Tape
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