How to Make a Fresh Flower Garland

Updated February 21, 2017

Fresh flower garlands are beautiful decorating tools that provide a burst of colour or fragrance to any event. Once you learn how to make a garland from fresh flowers, you will want to decorate everything in flowers because of the spring feel it brings to a room. You only need a few supplies to make a flower garland, and the process is so easy and fun that both children and adults will enjoy this craft.

Cut the flower buds off from the stem by snipping them right at the base of the receptacle, which is just above where the stem of the flower begins. Set the flowers to the side, being careful not to crush the petals.

Thread the needle with the strong thread or fishing line. Pull one end of the thread halfway through until the ends are completely even. The amount of thread you need is based on how long you want the garland to be. Tie the two threads together into a knot.

Lay one flower on its side on a flat surface, so that the bud is facing to the left and the base is pointing to the right. Directly beneath the flower, lay another flower on its opposite side, so that the bud is facing to the right and the base is facing left. Slide one flower over so that the bases are overlapping.

Insert the needle into the bottom of the second flower base as close to the bud as possible, and thread it up through the first flower base. Pull the thread completely through until the knot is against the base of the bottom flower.

Add flowers two at time, threading each bud so that they face opposite directions. Tie a knot after each set of two, pulling them tightly together without crushing the buds. When you have added the final flower, tie one last knot at the top.


Alternate the type and colour of flowers in the garland for a burst of colour. Wind flower garlands around handrails, poles or chair legs, or string them from the ceilings and allow them to hang loose.


Don't make the flower garlands more than a day or two in advance, or the flowers will wilt and begin to brown around the edges.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh flowers
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Strong thread or fishing line
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