How to Adjust the Metal Band of a Relic Watch

Updated April 17, 2017

Relic watches, produced by Fossil, are popular watches sold across the United States. Fossil started in 1984 and has quickly become one of the most affordable watch and clothing brands. Adjusting a watch band is not difficult, but it requires specific tools and instructions. Your band will either be pin-based or use the Adjust-A-Link system.

Set the watch facedown on the soft cloth.

Locate the removable watch links. They will be the links closest to the buckle on either side. Each link will have a small pin that shows from each end, as well as an arrow engraved underneath.

Place the small driving tool (a thumb tack will do) into the pin hole, and push the pin out in the direction of the arrow. You may need to grip the other side of the pin and pull to remove it all the way.

Repeat Step 3, removing any links needed to size the band.

Join the remaining links with the buckle by holding the link to the buckle and inserting the pin in the direction opposite of the arrow. Use the driving tool (and a small hammer, if needed) to push the pin into place.

Locate the tab in the centre section of the last link.

Use your fingernail to pull the clasp upward to detach it.

Remove the needed links, then close the original tab.


Always be careful when using metal tools around your watch, as it can be easily scratched.

Things You'll Need

  • Small driving tool
  • Soft cloth
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