How to Replace an Ampeg Grill Cloth

Updated July 19, 2017

The grill cloth on most Ampeg amplifiers and speaker cabinets is a relatively durable material. However, if you have ever travelled around with your amp or cabinet, it can start to show a considerable amount of wear and tear. Fortunately, removing the grill cloth is fairly simple and their are companies that manufacture grill cloths modelled after the designs of the ones used on many popular amplifiers. Replacing the grill cloth on your Ampeg cabinet or amplifier is relatively easy and inexpensive and will give your amp or cabinet a fresh, new look.

Remove the Ampeg logo from the grill of the amplifier or speaker cabinet. This is usually mounted with four small screws and will require your Phillips head screwdriver.

Remove the grill cloth and grill cloth frame of the amplifier or speaker cabinet. This will be different for each cabinet or amplifier. The grill cloth is stretched across a wooden frame almost like a painter's canvas. It is sometimes secured by a few screws or is fastened by Velcro on the other side. You can usually pry the grill cloth and frame away from the cabinet or amp's body by using a flat head screwdriver. On some Ampeg combo amplifiers you may be required to remove the entire chassis before freeing the grill cloth.

Remove the old grill cloth from the grill cloth's frame. It is usually stapled to the back of the frame. Use your hammer and your flat head screw driver to pry up the staples and discard them. Pay attention to how the grill cloth was originally installed on the grill cloth frame. You will probably want to model your installation of the new grill cloth after the method used in the factory.

Wrap your new grill cloth around the old frame. Make sure to pull it very tight and staple it to the frame as you go. Wrap the corners almost like you are wrapping a present and secure the folds of grill cloth with two or three staples. It is best to start from one side first and then move to the other side. After the sides are complete do the same for the top and bottom. New grill cloth can be purchased from a variety of manufacturers but there are many styles to choose from at

Remove the old Velcro from the inside of the cabinet and replace it with new Velcro. Place strips at each corner and along the sides if needed. Using Velcro allows you to easily remove your grill cloth if you ever need to check on your speakers without having to remove any screws.

Remount the Ampeg logo to the grill cloth frame. You can chose a different position if you wish as opposed to the position it was originally in.

Fit the grill cloth and the grill cloth frame back into the cabinet or amplifier. This may require some force. Lightly tap the frame back into the cabinet with your hammer, working your way from top to bottom.


When purchasing new grill cloth make sure to buy extra length so you have enough excess to wrap it around the frame when installing it.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillps head screwdriver
  • New grill cloth
  • Hammer
  • Staple gun
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Industrial strength self-adhesive Velcro
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