How to Change the ISP and Keep the Email Address

Updated April 17, 2017

Your ISP address is something that is used to identify your computer on a network. Depending on the type of Internet you have, your provider, and your system, you might be able to change your ISP on your own. Changing it might be important if the ISP you have been using has been blocked, or if you would like to appear as if you are in a different place or a different person. Most of the time, your Internet service provider can change your ISP for you, but you can also change it yourself.

Shut down your modem, router, and computer and unplug everything from the wall and from each other for at least five minutes. Reboot your computer and if there are various ISPs available for you, you might have a different one.

Repeat the process, except leave everything unplugged overnight, or for at least eight hours. When you plug everything back in, you might have received a new ISP.

Go to your "run" process function in your "Start" menu, if simply turning off your computer did not change your ISP.

Type in "cmd" and hit "Enter".

Type in "ipconfig /release".

Shut down your computer and unplug everything, including the computer, the modem, the router, and your Internet connection. Leave it this way for at least eight hours, or overnight, and then turn in back on again to get a new ISP.


If nothing seems to work, contact your Internet service provider, who will tell you whether or not you can change your ISP and how to do it.

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