How to Make Leaves Out of Ribbon or Paper

Many floral crafting projects need green leaves to fill in and add realistic final additions to the project. Depending upon your project, you may need to make leaves out of ribbon or paper. Both processes are quite simple to learn, and the finished results will be just the touch your project needs to make it look attractive and real. Take the time to add leaves to your floral projects and you will be proud to display the finished results.

Cut a 3-inch piece of ribbon and place it horizontally onto a work surface.

Fold ends of the ribbon in toward the middle point of the ribbon to make a pointed shape at the top with the ends of the ribbon overlapping at the bottom.

Thread the needle with a 6-inch length of thread and sew several stitches across the overlapped ribbon. Do not tie the thread off yet.

Trim off the ribbon approximately 1/4-inch below the stitching.

Gather the stitching by pulling the thread gently. This will pull the bottom of the leaf together. Tie a knot in the thread and clip the thread.

Make another leaf in the same fashion and position these ribbon leaves under a ribbon flower.

Cut out a paper leaf shape that is symmetrical.

Fold the leaf down the centre as shown in the diagram. Keep the leaf folded in half.

Begin to make the veins in the leaf by folding the leaf at 1/4-inch intervals. Make the folds sharp and crease them well. Make the folds straight across the leaf or at an angle.

Make as many vein folds in the leaf as desired and then open the leaf out flat. Use a paper leaf in a scrapbook page or on a homemade card.

Things You'll Need

  • Green organza ribbon (1-inch width)
  • Tape measure
  • Sewing needle
  • Green thread
  • Scissors
  • Green paper


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