How to make your own action figure stand

Updated February 21, 2017

Action figures make great collectibles, but storing them can be a hassle. If you have a great deal of action figures, you might want to considering displaying them. Most figures are worth more if they are stored in their original packaging. If you have action figures that you purchased out of the box (such as figures bought at a yard sale), you may want to invest in an action figure stand to display them. You can buy a variety of stands online, but you can easily make stands out of common materials available at your local craft store or hardware store. These instructions will show you how to make a stand that will hold one figure at a time.

Attach a dowel to one of the wooden circles using wood glue or epoxy. You can find pre-cut wooden circles and dowels at most craft stores and hardware stores. The size you choose will depend on how large the action figures are that you want to display. Star Wars action figures are much smaller than GI JOE figures, so choose the diameter of your circles and the length of your dowels with that in mind. The dowel should be long enough to go up to the base of the action figure's neck.

Attach a cross-brace to the dowel. For this, you can have two options. You can saw an embroidery frame in half, and attach it to the back of the dowel with the curve of the frame making a cradle you can use to rest the action figure against. Ideally, the cross-brace should support the action figure underneath the armpit. If you can't find an embroidery frame that works with the action figure you want to display, you can simply wind a wire around the dowel. This will allow for a truly custom fit, and will be more secure. This method is ideal if you plan on transporting your action figures, as you can wrap the ends of the wire together to ensure your figure won't get lost in transit.

Spray paint your stand. Black paint will probably look best, but you might also like the look of a silver or gold spray paint. Think about where you will be displaying your action figures and what colour will look best in that room.


Always use spray paint in a well-ventilated area.

Things You'll Need

  • Pre-cut wooden circles
  • Glue (epoxy or wood glue)
  • Dowels
  • Wire or embroidery frame
  • Paint (optional)
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