How to stop facial hair growth

Updated April 17, 2017

Since beauty is valued so much in our society, anything that may not seem normal to others is often considered undesirable. Facial hair growth is not only an annoyance for most women, but it is also embarrassing for most of those who experience it. Here are some tips for those concerned about facial hair and interested in finding an effective hair removal treatment.

Determine the cause of your unwanted facial hair growth. There are many factors that may contribute to it. Hormonal imbalances, such as the ones that occur during and after menopause, are known to be a leading cause of this problem. Certain medical conditions, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, are also known to contribute to the growth of facial hair. Visit a doctor to find out what could be going on.

Shaving facial hair is not effective as a long term hair removal treatment. When you shave the hair, it is likely that it will continue to grow at a quicker rate. The best way to take care of this problem temporarily is to wax the hair if you feel the need to do. Depending on the specific location of the hair, using a pair of tweezers to pluck it is also a great way to temporarily remove it and prevent it from growing back too quickly.

Consider having laser treatments to remove hair. Keep in mind that there are certain skin tones and types of hair which may not easily be removed by this procedure. To find out if it will work for you, be sure to talk to a highly-qualified individual who is licensed to perform laser hair removal. Although this type of laser surgery does not always work long-term, it can be a great way to prevent facial hair from growing for a while.

Go on the birth control pill if you have not yet reached menopause. Since hormonal imbalance can be a major contribute to facial hair growth, it is important to learn more about regulating hormones. For those who have not yet gone through menopause, the birth control pill is known to be a really effective way to make this happen.

Talk to your doctor about balancing out oestrogen levels if you have already gone through menopause or are currently going through it. The doctor will likely provide you with some of the different options that are available to you. Drugs, hormone replacement therapy, and various other treatments may be the solution to your facial hair growth.


Instead of focusing on facial hair removal, consider prevention. Use a drug designed to prohibit the growth of hair, which will slow down the speed of facial hair growth. Remember that everyone has a very small amount of hair on their face. When it becomes very noticeable is the only time it may become a problem.


Do not put your diet or any other health aspects at risk in an effort to prevent hair growth.

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