How to stop facial hair growth in women

Updated March 23, 2017

If you are a woman over the age of 30, chances are you struggle with facial hair. Although you may use razors and other products designed to temporarily eliminate hair, your deepest desire is to stop facial hair growth all together. Unfortunately, there is no proven way to do this every single time, but there are a few procedures available to women. Most of them either permanently stop facial hair growth or at least lighten its growth.

Take an oral medication. Flutamide is a medication that slows down receptors in the cells of hair follicles. It can lead to stoppage of facial hair growth.

Apply a topical cream. Vaniqua is a clinically proven product that eliminates or reduces facial hair growth in women. You must get it prescribed by your doctor, so set up an appointment and find out if you are a good candidate for it.

Get electrolysis. Through heat or chemicals, this procedure destroys the centre of hair growth on a hair follicle. If you do it on a regular basis, your facial hair will grow back sparsely or not at all.

Use an herbal supplement. Ultra Hair Away is a product consisting of enzymes designed to block hair growth. It is not clinically proven to work, but is an option for a woman who doesn’t like to use chemicals.

Go for a facial wax. Waxing can damage the hair follicles, which will stop hair growth. It is more likely to happen in women with fine hair. However, it is not totally unlikely to occur in women with curly hair.

Visit a laser hair removal specialist. Laser hair removal rids the body of hair with the treatment of extreme heat to the hair follicles. It is proven to either stop hair growth all together or reduce its ability to grow back substantially.

Shave with an epilator. Epilators pull hair out from the roots. This process is painful, but often lightens the growth of facial hair or eliminates it over time.


If you have curly hair, it may be more difficult to stop hair growth. In that case, you will have to more diligently practice hair removal procedures.


Don't continue the use of a hair removal product if you have any side effects such as burning, redness, pain and rashes.

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