How to cut a fringe

Updated November 21, 2016

Fringe cuts, also called bangs, are an important part of many hairstyles. From side-swept fringe and layers to face-framing tendrils, fringes offers a variety of styling options. Fringes work on all hair types and create sexy, romantic or glamorous effects, depending on the cut. Complex layered fringes are best left in the hands of a professional stylist. However, you can cut a basic fringe at home with the right scissors and an understanding of hair cutting.

Wash and condition your hair with moisturising products.

Dry your hair.

Determine the length of your fringe. Consider how the fringe will frame your face. The three most common lengths for classic fringe are above the brow, at the brow and below the brow.

Decide how thick to make the fringe. Bangs range in thickness from a thin curtain lightly covering the forehead to thick elaborate layers that add height to the overall hairdo.

De-tangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb.

Use a medium rake comb to gather front pieces of the hair across the forehead. Divide the hair into four sections, creating two outer and two inner pieces. Be careful to keep the parts neat in each section so the hair lies as desired.

Separate each section with hair clips. Pin the rest of your hair back to get it out of the way.

Remove the hair clip from the outer section on the far left. Comb the hair smooth and gently hold it against your forehead.

Cut the hair to the desired length. For curly hair, hold the hair directly above the area designated for cutting to prevent curled up ends from interfering with an accurate length. Hold the scissors vertically during cutting to create full ringlets.

Unclip the outer section on the far right. Comb the hair so that it hangs neatly over your forehead and hold it in place. Cut the hair to the same length as the first section.

Take the clip off of a middle section. Smooth the hair and hold the strands near your forehead. Cut the hair about 2 inches shorter than the outer sections.

Remove the clip from the remaining middle section. Comb the hair so that it hangs evenly over the forehead. Cut the hair to the same length as the other middle section.

Comb the fringe, and add styling products and style as desired.


Look for pictures of fringe hairstyles in magazines and online. If you doubt your ability to cut your own fringe, go to a professional hair stylist. For a choppy fringe, twist the hair and cut to the desired length. Make the fringe longer than your goal length if you plan to curl your fringe. The extra length allows the fringe to hang at your desired length after curling.


Never cut your hair without a clear hairstyle goal. Never cut hair with dull scissors. Only use sharp scissors designed for hair cutting to prevent split ends.

Things You'll Need

  • Moisturising shampoo
  • Moisturising conditioner
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Medium rake comb
  • Hair scissors
  • Hair clips
  • Mirror
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