Layered Mid Length Hairstyles

People wear mid-length hair for a number of reasons including wanting to grow out a short haircut and wanting hair that's not too long but still retains some of the length. Layered cuts are popular options for wearers of mid-length hairstyles.


According to the Latest Hairstyles website, people choose mid-length layered styles because they are versatile, easy-to-manage and flatter a number of face shapes.

Style Options

According to the Latest Hairstyles websites, mid-length layered cuts can feature an abundance of curls, a shag style or a layered, wavy bob. Additionally, these styles can be jazzed up a bit with a two-tone variation. However, according to the Hair Finder website, two-tone styles can be difficult to manage at home; it's better to let a professional create the style.


Layers hide a multitude of imperfections, making a mid-length layered style ideal for someone growing their hair out from a short cut, according to


According to the Latest Hairstyles website, many women who wear these styles want a style looks lovely but is still “safe.” The style can be edgy but still be adapted to be worn to work.

Famous Ties

Jennifer Garner and Nicole Ritchie sport these mid-length hairstyles that feature layers, according to the Latest Hairstyles website. Styles like theirs can be curled, pulled back in a knot or swept up.

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