Eyebrow Hair Loss

Losing eyebrow hair can be a huge blow to a person's self-esteem and make a marked difference in appearance. Causes of eyebrow hair loss vary from genetics to medical conditions that are mostly irreversible. Eyebrows can also be restored with the help of hair implants.

Medical Conditions

Maria K. Hordinsky, M.D Dermatology at University of Minnesota, in her book, "Hair and Scalp Diseases" writes, "Genetics contribute to 95 per cent of all cases of hair loss." However, certain health conditions can also result in eyebrow hair loss. In her book, "The Comprehensive Guide to Skin Care", dermatologist Rebecca Campen states, "Loss of hair on the outer one-third of the eyebrow is sometimes associated with low thyroid condition or endocrine imbalances." Eczema and some other infectious diseases cause hair loss. Trichotillomania, an obsessive-compulsive hair pulling disorder, also causes eyebrow hair loss. Ageing and burns can also cause eyebrow hair loss.


Medication for cholesterol, depression, gout, ulcers and arthritis are known to cause eyebrow hair loss. Anti-coagulants and blood thinners as well as birth control pills in women have been identified as a major cause. Confirm with your doctor and your pharmacist if a certain medicine has side-effects. Ask the physician to change the medication if signs of hair loss are noticed. Certain treatments like chemotherapy, surgery for removing a tumour, and radiation therapy also lead to hair loss, including eyebrow hair.

Cosmetic Related Causes

Eyebrow hair loss can also be attributed to forceful use of an eyebrow pencil. To prevent hair loss, minimise use of an eyebrow pencil to special occasions, and use soft strokes to lessen damage. According to hair transplant surgeon Gary S.Hitzig in "Help and Hope for Hair Loss," "Certain forms of tattooing for enhancement of eyebrow have also been known to cause permanent hair loss." Sustained plucking of eyebrows also hinders regrowth in the long-term.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Take magnesium and calcium supplements as well as zinc to prevent further damage. Aloe Vera juice, green tea and omega-3 fatty acids help alleviate the problem. Use iron capsules and vitamin E oil for massage.

Restoring Eyebrow Hair

Eyebrow hair can be restored by transplantation. Consult a physician to confirm the underlying cause and eliminate the causative factors for the treatment to be effective. In his book, "Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery," surgeon James A. Katowitz states, "Micro grafts or single hairs from a donor area can be transplanted to the eyebrow, or a reconstruction flap or graft procedure, that brings a strip of hair from mother site, can be performed." Sedation is done to relieve pain during the grafting process. It's an outpatient procedure that might require more than one session. The patient might experience swelling and pain post surgery. Scalp hair differs from eyebrow hair in that scalp hair grows faster and longer. Therefore, transplanted hair needs trimming for maintenance.

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