How Do I Download Outlook Folders to a Memory Stick?

Downloading your Outlook folders and PST file to a USB memory stick helps ensure that all of your important e-mail is preserved while also providing a deal of portability for your Outlook files. Once the data is on a memory stick, simply plug it into another computer running Outlook, and you can load the PST files. There are also applications which enable you to read your Outlook folders and PST file straight from the USB memory stick, giving you access to all of your e-mail from any computer.

Backup Outlook Folders and PST File

There are two basic ways to backup your Outlook folders and PST file to a USB memory stick. The first and most flexible is to use the "Import and Export" menu option from Outlook. You can access this from the File menu. This will guide you through a wizard in which you can specify the folders you wish to download. You can also choose to backup contacts, calendar data and notes. Simply select your USB memory stick as the destination folder, and your Outlook data will be backed up.

The second method is to load the Mail tool from the Windows Control Panel. Within the Mail tool is a tab called "Profiles" which enables you to backup Outlook folders and PST files to whatever location you specify.

Load Outlook Files on Another Computer

Once your Outlook folders and PST folder are saved to your USB memory stick, loading them into Outlook on another computer is a simple matter. If you are loading the backup files into Outlook on another computer, it is best to copy the data files to the local computer hard drive instead of loading them from the USB memory stick. Once the files are copied to the local hard drive, select the "Import and Export" menu option from the Outlook File menu and follow the on-screen prompts to import your data.

Load Outlook Files from the Memory Stick

If it is necessary to load your Outlook folders and PST folder from the memory stick, then non-Outlook applications will need to be employed. Software like EssentialPIM can be installed directly onto the USB memory stick and run from any Windows computer. These applications are able to load Outlook PST files, giving you portable access to your e-mail, contacts, calendar and other Outlook data.

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