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Homemade priest costume

Updated February 21, 2017

Priest costumes are very simple and inexpensive to make. With no sewing required and most materials available around the home, you can make a traditional priest costume in no time at all (just put on the clothes, grab a Bible and you're done!) or you can make the costume unique by changing it a bit. For example, dribble some beer down the front of your white collar and go as a drunken priest.

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Gather together the following supplies: A black dress shirt, black slacks, black suit jacket and black shoes. You might have some of these items already in your closet, and if you don't, chances are you can borrow them from someone. If not, check at your local thrift store for a low-cost alternative. You also need white card stock or other stiff paper, string, and some accessories. Good accessories could include a Bible and a large cross necklace or rosary.

Make the Collar

Make your priest collar. Cut a strip of paper from the card stock. It should be 1 inch high and about 3 inches long. Punch a hole on each end of it. Tie a string to each hole. Make sure the string pieces are long enough for you to tie the collar around your neck, but don't put it on just yet. Next, take the dress shirt and iron the collar so that the collar points are folded inward and not outward, making the collar look more like a priest's collar as shown in the photo above. If you can't get them to stay tucked in, try using double-sided tape. Then, tie the white paper collar around your neck, tucking it under the black shirt collar so that the string doesn't show.

Add Accessories

Add the final touches to your costume. Once you have your shirt and trousers on, add the suit jacket and a heavy cross necklace. Tuck a Bible under your arm, and assume a wise expression. If you are going as a drunk priest, hide a bottle of beer under your jacket, or hollow out an old book and use that to carry your secret vice. For even more fun, make the book look like a Bible. For another twist on this costume, dress as a matching couple with a loved one. Have the man dress as a nun, and the woman dress as a priest. Finally, if you'd like to make an old-fashioned monk costume, simply use a long, plain brown robe with a hood. Tie a bit of rope around your waist, slip on some leather sandals and hang that cross necklace around your neck.

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