How to make a hooded monk's robe

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Hooded monk's robes are ankle-length, flowing brown robes made of heavy-duty, coarse brown material. The addition of a rustic rope belt can add to the authenticity of your monk's robe. Hooded monk's robes are one of the easiest and quickest costumes to make because they require little fitting and no pattern.

You can make a monk's robe to use in a play or as a Halloween costume.

Making the robe

Stretch your arms out perpendicular to your body and measure the distance between your left to right hands. Double this number and cut a piece of fabric this length.

Fold the fabric in half with the wrong side out, and lay it on the floor. Lay down on the fabric with your arms outstretched and have someone loosely trace around your figure up to the neck with a fabric marker.

Cut around the outline. Cut both layers of fabric. Discard additional material.

Pin the edges of the fabric along the neck, sides, sleeves and bottom together with straight pins.

Sew the sides, sides of sleeves and shoulders of the two pieces of fabric together. Leave the bottom and the sleeve holes open.

Measure the distance halfway between the shoulders on the front of the robe. Mark this spot, then cut a slit in the middle for the robe opening.

Fold and pin about 12mm (1/2 inch) of the wrong side of the fabric around the bottom, front slits and sleeves for the hem. Sew the hem.

Making and attaching the hood

Cut a rectangle of fabric 30 by 60 cm (12 by 24 inches). Fold it in half to make a square, with the wrong side out.

Pin and sew one edge from the fold to the end.

Cut a circular hole at the neck of the robe that connects to the front slits.

Pin the hood to the hole with the sewn hood seam aligning with the centre of the back of the robe. Sew the sides and back of the hood to the robe.

Turn the robe right side out and wear with a thick rope belt. Accessorise with a rosary and prayer book.