How to Make an Egyptian Scribe Costume

Egyptian hieroglyphics image by Albo from

Thanks to the work of ancient Egyptian scribes, we know about ancient Egyptian history. Scribes were the few people in ancient Egypt that knew how to read and write. Scribes were highly valued and their position was seen as a significant position. Boys were the only ones who were allowed to go to school to learn this practice, and becoming a scribe could grant a young boy the option of becoming a wise man of the court, a leader or an ambassador. Their typical wardrobe was a linen skirt called a kilt, a thick necklace and curly hair up to the chin and dark eyes.

Cut the T-shirt from the shoulders down have it curve at the centre and come back up at the other shoulder. Cut off the collar and throw out the collar and the bottom half of the T-shirt.

Hot glue loose gems on the edges of the fabric. Draw thick lines in the centre portion of the fabric. One line should be red, another blue and should be separated by a thin golden line. Egyptian collar patterns vary. You can research your own colour decorating ideas.

Grab the 1 1/2 yards of white linen on the top corners of opposite sides. Hold the fabric behind you so it falls smooth. Wrap the left side to the front and wrap the right side to the front over the fabric brought from the left, like if you were wrapping yourself with a towel. Safety pin both corners from the inside so the safety pin in not visible.

Put on the Cleopatra-style wig, collar and thong sandals. Outline your eyes with eyeliner and make the bottom line longer than your bottom lid going out toward your eye brow. Roll up paper to make a scroll.

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