How to make a child's Jack and the beanstalk costume

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With a simple outfit, a few props, a touch of creativity and a little imagination, children of all ages can look like the adventurous Jack from the beloved fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. Grab a copy of the story to use as a reference and begin making this quirky and fun Halloween costume.

Dress up like Jack. To look the part of a poor boy, throw on some dirty, torn jeans. Keep them up with some suspenders or a belt with a big buckle.

Complete Jack's look with an appropriate top. Slip on a T-shirt covered with a tunic made from two pieces of burlap sewn together, a flannel shirt or any worn out top. Use iron-on letters or fabric paint to add "Jack" to the shirt or tunic, if you'd like.

Make a beanstalk. Crafty costume makers can make an impressive beanstalk from a pair of green tights. Cut the legs and feet portion away from the waist of the tights, then stuff the legs and feet full of cotton batting before stitching the legs shut. Green piper cleaners poked into the tights and twisted into shape will add more texture. Create some pea-shaped beans from foam or paper, then glue them onto the beanstalk. Wrap the beanstalk around Jack, and use safety pins to keep it in place.

Give Jack a bag of beans. Use a pouch filled with real beans or a burlap sack with foam or paper beans glued to the front of it. You can even write "magic beans" on the front of the bag to be sure everyone knows what is inside.

Carry golden coins and eggs, just like in the story. Jack needs some belongings of the giant. Spray paint plastic Easter eggs gold and find some play coins.

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