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How to Make a Mountie Costume

Updated April 17, 2017

The Canadian mounted police, often referred to as "Mounties," are a meaningful cultural icon with a significant role in Canadian history. If you're looking for a unique, entertaining costume for Halloween, dressing as a Mountie is sure to get a lot of attention. While you can find a pre-made Mountie costume online or in a costume shop, it is not too difficult to put together a Mountie costume of your own.

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  1. Wear a red high collared tunic. If you cannot find a red tunic, a red button up shirt can serve as a suitable alternative. Wrap a Sam Browne belt or another type of thick black or brown belt around your waist. To make the costume a more authentic, use fabric glue to adorn the shoulders of the top with strips of black fabric.

  2. Look for navy blue breeches with a yellow stripe down the leg for the most authentic Mountie costume. Wearing dark jodpers or riding trousers will also make you a convincing Mountie. If riding trousers are not your style, any sort of dark trousers will suffice.

  3. Slide on some dark brown riding boots. While Mounties wear riding boots, dark coloured boots of any sort will look close enough.

  4. Top it of with a hat. The Mountie look isn't complete without a brown Stetson or a wide, flat brimmed hat. Stick a gold medallion on the front of the hat to make your costume even more convincing.

  5. Remember to add a horse to your outfit. If you feel like making your costume more "authentic" and a little quirky, bring along an equine companion. Carry a hobby horse or a horse stuffed will give the costume a comical feel, while reminding everyone that you are a proud member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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