How to make a Roman toga for a kid

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Learning to make a toga for a kid is simple. Roman togas are typically made from sheets, and they were popularised by the National Lampoon film "Animal House". The toga is a long piece of material that is wrapped around the wearer, with plenty of material left hanging down. Togas are easy to make and can be done on a very small budget.

Find a suitable piece of cloth. For children, you probably won't need more than 120 cm (4 feet). A good guideline is that the fabric should be the same length as the child's height, or slightly longer. A twin bed sheet is fine if you don't want to buy anything.

Dress the child in a pair of shorts and a white T-shirt. The toga is a very basic garment, and as such doesn't offer too much cover. The child will be appropriately covered if she wears a shirt and pair of shorts underneath the toga.

Hold the fabric up horizontally and wrap it around the child's waist. You can do this once or twice depending on the size of the child. When the sheet has been wrapped around the desired number of times, fasten it together with a safety pin. The fabric should hang down to roughly knee-length.

Drape the remaining portion of the sheet over one of the child's shoulders. Either shoulder is fine, but it may be easier to put the extra material over the shoulder opposite where the sheet is pinned together at the waist.

Bring the end of the toga around the child's back down to his waist. Affix the free end of the toga to the material already tied around the waist. You can do this using a safety pin, or alternatively you can just tuck it into the material already wrapped around the waist. Leave any free material to drape down.

Fold up the bottom of the sheet if it drags along the floor, so the child doesn't trip. Attach the folded-up bottom with safety pins, or sew it up for a safer solution. Even if your child doesn't trip over when she walks in the toga, others may stand on it accidentally, so it is worth trimming or pinning any excess material. Cut any extra material from the bottom if you are using an old sheet that you won't need again.

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