How to Make Overalls Into a Skirt

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If you have an old pair of overalls that you do not wear, yet cannot bring yourself to throw them out, consider turning them into a new fashion statement. With just a few tools and simple sewing tricks, you can turn an old pair of overalls into a new skirt. Follow these steps to revamp your wardrobe without ever having to leave the house.

Lay your overalls on a flat surface and use scissors to cut about 12 inches off the legs. You will be able to hem the skirt later if a shorter length is desired.

Turn the overalls inside out. Using a seam ripper, rip the seams starting at the crotch of the overalls and down both the left and right pant leg inseams, the seam that goes down the inside of your legs when you wear the overalls.

Turn the overalls right side out. Repeat the step above to rip out the outer part of the inseams. The overalls will now have no inseams, so there should no longer be separation between the right and left pant legs.

Use the seam ripper to rip the front seam from the bottom of the zipper through the crotch and straight through to the back of the overalls where the belt loops begin.

Pin the front pieces together. Carefully make sure that the fabric stays smooth. Make sure there is some overlap of the two pieces to facilitate stitching.

Turn the skirt inside out. Pin the back pieces together carefully and smoothly. Start from the tip, right where the seams meet the belt loop, and work your way down, so the fabric does not bunch.

Sew a seam following the pins on the back of the overalls. You may either stitch or use a sewing machine to create a more sturdy professional-looking skirt.

Turn the skirt right side out. Sew a seam following the pins on the front of the overalls the same way you did with the back, either hand stitching or using a sewing machine.

Hem the skirt to desired length. Your overalls will now be completely transformed into a skirt. You may try it on and hem the length as desired. If you choose to hem, cut the skirt to approximately 1 inch below the desired length. Create a 1-inch hem, pinning all the way around the bottom of the skirt. Either stitch or use a sewing machine to finish the hem.

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