Hi, I'm JJ Virgin, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert of jjvirgin.com, and I'm here today to show you some easy exercises for your lower abs. But let me clear something up: when I think of lower abs, actually, I want you to think of them more like deep abs, because what they do is they hold everything, you know, that poochy stomach, they hold it in tight and they really help support your core and give you that good posture. So, these are all important for you to incorporate into your not daily routine, but every other day routine. The exercises that I'm going to show you, I want you to use three times a week and you'll do sets of 10 to 15 repetitions and you'll do two to three sets. Give yourself about a minute break in between. You should always try to make them as difficult as you possibly can but never sacrifice form for intensity, so always do them in the best form possible. The first exercise is single leg arc. Start with your knees just slightly in front of your hips and the most important thing, watch this, I'm going to push my lower back into the ground by engaging my deep abs. Now, you've gotta keep that going on so you may even want to put a hand here to feel if your lower back's lifting up, just like that, you want to use your deep abs to keep your lower back down as you bring one heel down to the ground to tap and bring it back up and then take the other one down. The weight of your leg is going to try to draw your lower back off the floor. Your deep abs have to work to keep your lower back down so this is a great exercise for improving your posture. The next exercise is a double-leg lower. Now, this is very advanced. You can decide how hard to make this by when you decide to pull your legs back in. What you're going to do is lower your legs slowly down towards the ground, making sure that your lower back stays down because you're engaging your deep abs. The minute you feel it start to lift up, like that, you pull your knees back in. So if you're very strong, you may be able to take your legs very far down, see how my lower back's staying down? I'm not showing off, I'm just trying to show ya. And if you aren't as strong yet, you may have to pull them in sooner. Again, don't sacrifice form to take your legs further out because you will not be working your deep abs if you do that, so the whole time you're doing this, make sure your lower back is pressed deep into the ground by engaging your deep abs. The next exercise we're going to do is a reverse crunch. What you do here is you just lift your tail bone off the ground by engaging your deep abs, not by swinging your legs, and just like all the other exercises, you want to make sure that you're exhaling on the exertion, on the hard part, which would be here. The final exercise we're going to do is an isometric exercise called a plank and in order to do this correctly, you have to engage your deep abs. You want to make your body one long line. Don't let your hips lift up, bring 'em down in one long line, don't let your back sag, pkay? And pull your belly button high as you can up towards your spine and hold it 'til you start to lose your form and then you're done. I'm JJ Virgin, and those are my easy exercises for your lower abs.