Hi! I’m Yvette Parish. Today, we’re going to be talking about high heels. I want to show you a little bit about how to walk properly in your high heels. These are modest pumps. These are about a 2 inch black pump that you can wear for any interview competition, a job interview, something where you have to look a little proper. The proper way, anytime you want to walk you always have to pull in your tummy a little bit, kind of have a nice strong tight abs area. Up front, make sure you’re looking at your interviewee straight in the eye. And when you’re walking, you just take your time and you have a lady-like walk. Turn, close, the T position. When you have shoes maybe small in height in heel, they’re very comfortable. Although they look very professional and very nice, you can dance in them, you can move in them, they’re very comfortable shoes. If the shoes don’t fit you exactly the way that you want them to fit, they have shoe stretchers. What it is is it’s kind of a long stick that you put inside of your shoe, and over night it’ll kind of stretch your shoe about up to a size. If your feet are wide, they also have stretchers that will help your shoes get wider. If you have leather shoes, you really have to be careful, leather or suede, when they get wet, how to take care of them afterward, because suede will basically ruin if you get them wet. The shoes that I’m wearing right now are black pump shoes, they’re very comfortable. You can dance in them, you can move in them. They’re very comfortable shoes. You should have a pair of black pumps in your wardrobe that you can put on with skirts; you can put on with pants and they’re very comfortable. These are one of my favorite shoes. I wear them all the time actually; they’re one of my favorite. It’s a high enough heel where it’s slender on your leg, but it isn’t too high where you’re having trouble walking. So when you have your shoes, test them out a little bit. Walk a little bit back and forth. How are they feeling? Your heel, your toe. Are they smushing your toe? Are they hurting your heel? And when you walk, are your feet coming out like this? If your feet are kind of coming out, they’re just too wide and they’re too big for you. So try on your shoes and walk around a little bit in the store. You don’t want to be flopping out. I’ll flop out like this so you can see it comes out. You don’t want your toe to already hurt. If your toes are already hurting in the 30 seconds you’re trying on the shoes, they’re probably too narrow of a point. If you want you can stretch then and go through all the expense, but I would try another pair of shoes. There are so many shoes out there. As far as with the suede pump, when it’s not raining it’s a beautiful shoe. It’s also a fall shoe. Normally, you do not wear suede in the summer. Those are just some basic rules, but of course you’re the boss of your own shoes and this is just a basic guideline.