What Is Non-Verbal Communication?

Video transcription

Hi there, Tracy Goodwin and I'm the Red Sweater Lady. Today we're going to talk about how to understand and improve non-verbal messages. Well, what are non-verbal messages? Well, I'm sure you know about, hand gestures and maybe even what you do with your face. But, I bet you didn't know there's actually a whole lot of things that fall under the non-verbal umbrella. Actually they're listed all right here. We're going to talk about body, face, eyes, touch, space. And I'm not talking about outer space, I'm talking about your environment. Artifacts. Lots of different things that can help you improve as a communicator, as well as, improve your relationships with other people, improve your self-esteem. Actually, non-verbal communication can actually even improve your ability to deceive people. We're going to talk briefly about what to look for to determine if somebody's lying to you or not. So we're going to talk about all these things and how to improve them, what they are and we're going to make you a better communicator through non-verbal, not even speaking. Let's get started.

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