Have you ever gotten stuck without a birthday card, and you really don't have time to run out and get one? Making one is so fast. Just take a piece of cardstock, and score it and fold it, so that you've got a card. You can actually buy these, already ready to go. And if you're stuck in your office, since we're in an office supply theme. You can take a regular receipt book, and rip out a few receipts, as I have done here. Grab a glue stick. There we go. And just, rub glue all over the cover of this card. All the way around the edges. And then, scribble it around the middle. Don't let that glue stick get too far away, because we're going to go right back to it. And then, just put the receipts on, in different directions. Upside down. We're going to have a little bit of yellow in there, for fun. That looks good. Fantastic. Now before we trim this, we're going to look at the places where they overlap, and need a little bit of extra glue. Just add some on there. Normally, I would let this dry before I trim it, but it will be OK. We'll go ahead and trim it now. To trim it, we're going to just turn it over, because we can really see where we need to cut, when we're looking at the backside. So, just cut all the way around. See how fast this is? You can really whip up a cute card in a hurry. Well, it's not cute yet, but it will be in a minute. Your friends are going to think you are so clever. And why shouldn't they? Because, you are.