Rust Repair: Car Restoration Tips

Video transcription

Today we are going to talk about a rust repair on 1990 Mazda Miata. The Miata is a real good car. They are light, fast, they don't break. Everybody seems to like these cars. In the winter where we live, here in St. Louis, they use a lot of salt to melt the snow to make the roads safe. This car has suffered a little bit of rust, as you can see here. The car was originally manufactured with drain holes underneath to keep the water flowing out of the rocker and fender areas so that the water didn't build up and collect dirt and moisture and cause this kind of rust. This car has no other visible rust on it. The customer has asked us to fix this one spot, so we are going to cut this ugly piece out that you see, we are going to treat the insides for rust with real good chemicals that we'll show you. And we are going to weld a new piece and paint it. We are going to reproduce this rough texture on it, paint it and make the guy happy.

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