Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow grass in sandy soil. Well if you live at the beach you know what sandy soil is. Everything is sand. And it's great drainage, but there's no nutrition and plants can't seem to grab onto it. So the easiest way to grow grass in sandy soil is to work above it. Make a big raised bed above your sand, so have a truckload of good compost or potting soil delivered and just make at least five, six inch layer of soil above your sand. And plant all your plants or your grass seed right in there. And then make sure and start your grass seed in either the Spring or the Fall because it really isn't going to do anything in the Winter or the Summer. But wait for it to cool down in the Fall or warm up in the Spring. So go ahead and put compost on top of your sand and then add a bunch of grass seed on top of that in the Spring and the Fall and then just re-seed every Spring and Fall and maybe add more compost every few years, just a small little layer on top of that grass with more grass seed and it will fill in. Eventually you'll have a beautiful, beautiful lawn on top of that sand.