Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about tips on getting rid of mice. Now mice are pretty and cute in movies but when they're around your home they can be pretty scary and they can bring all kinds of problems and do all kinds of damage to your home. So the best way to repel mice is to make sure that you are not giving them a good home to live in in the first place. So they like to burrow underneath your deck or anywhere where you have got a wood pile or underneath your house where there is access so the best way to repel them in the first place is not to give them a home to live in. So make sure everything is boarded off and there is no way for them to get under there and also they like food sources so if they are getting into your garbage or you have got lots of fruit trees or if you have got an area where they can get water that is why they are coming to your home. So if you remove all of the food factors then they have no reason to come. So make sure your garbage is always completely covered and make sure all the apples are picked up and make sure that they have no place where they can gather too so if they have got no food and they have got no where to hang out then they are not going to get in your house and the same thing, you don't want them inside your house and if they are getting into the house there is some kind of access. So you have got to make sure to cover any holes to your house so whether it is just a little gap in the garage door, fix that garage door or if you have little holes into your house that they are fitting through make sure that they are covered up at all times so that there is no way that they can get into the house. Saying that there is other tricks that you can do too. If there is an area that they are messing with and you don't like it like considering your basement and you can't get them out of there, make sure and clean up everything to start. So get rid of all the boxes, clean everything out of there, put everything in plastic and make sure it is shut solid so that they have nowhere to nest and the next thing sprinkle something like cinnamon or curry powder or red hot chili powder or any kind of spice with cayenne pepper or anything that has got Tabasco in it and sprinkle it over the area and they don't like the smell at all so they'll avoid that area at all costs. So if you make sure that all of your boxes are plastic and get rid of all of your paper boxes and make sure that they have nowhere to nest and that they have nowhere to get food and make sure that they have got lots of spices that they don't like in that area you will find that they'll find a new place to live and if that still doesn't work the best trick that I have found is Dexter the cat because he really gets a lot of mice and he brings them home to me because he is very proud and if you can live in an area where you can have a pet a cat is the best way to get rid of mice.