Ideas for table centerpieces for a 40th wedding anniversary

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If you and your spouse are throwing a party to celebrate your 40th anniversary, you want the table centrepieces to be festive and personal. Consider using flowers and colours associated with this anniversary in your centrepieces. Special touches can make the arrangements even more meaningful.

Nasturtium Centerpieces

Nasturtiums are the official flower of the 40th anniversary, so a centrepiece that features these blooms is perfectly appropriate. The flowers are available in colours including red, yellow, orange and white, which give you an abundance of options. Arrange the blooms in large clear glass vases if you're having the party in the late morning or afternoon, or place nasturtium petals on gold or silver trays accented with candles for an evening event. Enlarged candid photos of nasturtiums can also be placed on each table with heartfelt messages such as "The Best is Yet to Come" printed on each picture.

Ruby Centerpieces

Rubies are also symbolic of the 40th wedding anniversary and can be beautifully displayed in table centrepieces. Fill cylindrical glass vases with plastic rubies. Tie a ruby ribbon around each vase or arrange a ring of nasturtiums around the vase. Ruby-coloured vases filled with white nasturtiums are an option, or you could create a monochromatic centrepiece by using ruby vases and deep-red blooms. Candles, along with small plastic rubies sprinkled around the arrangements complete the look.

Personalised Centerpieces

Fortieth anniversary centrepieces can feature specific elements that are a true reflection of the couple. For instance, instead of nasturtiums, use the flowers that you had in your wedding ceremony. Create centrepieces that feature a recent photo of you and your spouse, or reprint your wedding photos. Put the photos in ruby-coloured frames, or hot-glue small synthetic nasturtiums to the corners of the frames.