Hairstyles for Thick, Curly & Frizzy Hair

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Curly hair is sexy, but can be very hard to work with. Its body often results in frizz and puffiness.

Although many believe that curly hair is thicker because of its volume, according to Lorraine Massey, a hair stylist, salon owner, product inventor and author of the book Curly Girl, there are actually less strands of curly hair than straight hair per scalp. The biggest styling dilemma with this envied but difficult hair is manageability.

Down Styles

You should not wear your hair in a blunt cut style as it will make the ends of the curls flail out and add to the thickness. For a down style, try changing up your part. Curly hair does not need straight parts because the curls will create curves on the scalp. Try to flip the front of the hair to either side so it gives the front of the hair body, or take your shorter layers (layers help conceal thickness) and braid them across the front of your forehead or back diagonally into the hair near the crown of the head. To reduce frizz in a down style, keep a bottle of lavender oil to spritz on the hair.

Curly Hair Updos

Updos change the look of a simple ponytail. If you place your hair in a ponytail on the top of your crown, allow your curls to cascade down. You can take individual curls and pin them around the crown of your head. Allow some of the front curls, which may be shorter, to fall loosely out, creating a natural affect. Hair tends to shrink when it curls up, so try a low ponytail. Pull the hair back with two hands behind your neck. Apply a clip or tie a hair band around it. The key is for hair to be loose. If smaller pieces in front fall out, sweep them angularly across your face and hair clip to make side-swept fringe. It balances the long ponytail with a shorter front.

Straight Styling

Straightening hair is another option for thick, frizzy, curly hair. It can help hair look shiny, frizz-free and also become more manageable. Straightening your hair will take some time, depending on the amount of natural curl in your hair, but you can keep it straight for a few days without rewashing. Use a blow dryer and a straightening iron that works wet to dry and allows the steam to be released. Ceramic irons also smooth down the cuticle. After the hair is straightened, blow dry on cool to close the cuticle and stop the chance of frizz.