Las Vegas Costume Ideas

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Las Vegas features a variety of signature acts and characters that make it easy to choose a Vegas-inspired Halloween costume. Of course, there’s the Elvis impersonator Halloween costume, a staple in Las Vegas culture.

If you’re looking for something more original, dress as one of the other acts of Las Vegas or choose a more modern Vegas costume, such as a character from "The Hangover."


A showgirl makes a great Vegas costume because it is a classic Las Vegas role. This costume requires a leotard, one-piece swimming costume, or bikini and fishnet tights in black, white, or a matching colour. The leotard or swimming costume should be covered in sequins, glitter, or gems. Long matching gloves and high heels make the costume appear glamorous. The key to a showgirl costume is to wear a big, elaborate headdress made out of feathers. One can be constructed at home with cardboard and glued-on feathers or purchased at a costume store.

Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton is a very well-known and successful performer in Las Vegas. A Wayne Newton costume is very easy to make and is highly recognisable, especially if accompanied by a few showgirls as well. Wayne Newton’s costume consists of a black tuxedo, black vest, white shirt, and black bow tie. A handkerchief is tucked into the pocket and a long, skinny microphone is held in one hand. A jet black wig is worn, slicked back at the side and puffed out at the top. A pencil is used to fill in the eyebrows and make them dark to match the wig. Finally, use a small piece of clear tape to pull up the outer corners of each eye to make them a little squinty.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is a very easy Las Vegas-inspired costume to make. Although Celine Dion’s look has changed over the years, there is a particular look that will probably make her most recognisable. A light brown wig with long hair is teased and loosely curled. A long, formal gown should be worn, and a microphone should be carried in one hand. A Celine Dion costume makes a good couple’s costume, if accompanied by someone dressed as Rene Angelil, Celine Dion’s husband. This costume simply requires someone to dress as an older bald man with grey hair and a beard.

The Hangover

The 2009 movie “The Hangover” is about a stag party gone wrong in Las Vegas. The movie portrays several memorable characters who would make great Las Vegas-inspired costumes. The baby from “The Hangover” can be imitated with a quick, easy costume that will immediately be recognised. All that is needed is a white stocking cap, a blue T-shirt, a pair of short white shorts, and a pair of oversized sunglasses. Another costume idea from “The Hangover” is to dress as Zach Galifianakis’s character. This costume consists of a messy brown wig with longer hair and a drawn-on scruffy beard. An olive green wolfe T-shirt is worn with tight white trousers. A baby doll should be placed in a baby carrier and strapped to the chest, with oversized sunglasses on the baby doll’s face.