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Goths are members of a subculture that stems from the mysterious and grotesque literature of the 18th and early 19th centuries. Edgar Allen Poe is a great example of such literature.

Today, Gothic individuals express themselves through an easily recognisable fashion aesthetic that includes dark colours, heavy make-up and meticulous grooming. Gothic beard styles are determined according to the particular strain of goth fashion a man chooses to embrace.

Cyber Goth

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Cyber Goths are rebels of a subculture known for dark, subdued colour schemes. They anger more sombre goths by sporting "raver" attire that is brightly coloured, and often glows in the dark. Whether Cyber Gothic men showcase a full beard or chops and a 'stache, what makes it particularly cyber chic is the colour. Bright orange, deep red or shocking blue are just a few of the hair dye colours that make Cyber Goth beards pop.

Tribal Goth

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Think biker bar meets hippie meets vampire den, and you will have a pretty good idea of what a Tribal Goth looks like. Gargoyle jewellery, hippie trousers and "wife beater" (white ribbed tank top) or skull T-shirt is standard dress-down attire. Beard styles for this set are less stringently manicured than Vampire Goths attempt, yet they are still buzzed for a visually striking aesthetic. A soul patch or goatee is standard-issue.

Vampire Goth Images

While most Vampire Goths like a clean-shaven face that is conducive to frequent powders, some gentlemen of this order maintain meticulously groomed facial hair for added edge. A pencil moustache, coupled with a tiny soul patch and very thin chin triangle make for a classic Vampire Goth look. Another option is a severely thin chin strap that goes ear-to-ear around the jawline.

Emo Goth

Emo Goths are into being tortured souls, and their beard styles help them express their anguish loud and clear. A large, knotted goatee works well for the aggressive emo set, while a chin triangle connected to a soul patch via a chunky vertical strip of hair can adorn the faces of more subdued Emo Goths. Many times, Emo Goths forgo beards all together, choosing instead to trick out their faces with plenty of piercings.