Ways to Check If Your Boyfriend Is a Criminal

person in handcuffs. criminal, image by mashe from Fotolia.com

People want to avoid bringing criminal activities into their lives. After befriending a man, a woman does not want to find out that her new boyfriend has a criminal background and could be bringing problems or even danger into the lives of her and her friends. It is possible to check a boyfriend's background to determine any criminal history before getting too involved.

Private Investigator

Hire a private investigator to find out everything about the boyfriend. A private investigator is expensive, but often can get information from a wide range of sources, including the boyfriend's past acquaintances and his normal activities.


A search engine search will often have a wide range of information about individuals online. If the boyfriend is a criminal, his name might come up on state or federal prison websites with a mug shot and standing in the court, such as a pending trial. Prisons will have information available as part of public records which usually shows a picture.

Criminal Background Public Records Search

Online tools are designed specifically for looking up criminal records of all states and federal systems. The websites will vary in how much information they give and search methods, but it usually requires a name and city at the least. It is possible to look only through state records or to look through all of the records in every state. Keep in mind that some names are similar or common and there might be several people who come up as a match.

Ask Your Boyfriend

The easiest way to find out information about a boyfriend is directly asking him. Tell him the reasons for suspiciousness, such as odd behaviour or anything weird that has happened since starting dating and ask him if there is anything he thinks you should know about. If he committed a crime and feels guilty about the crime, he might tell about it. This is not a sure way to know, but it is an option.

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