Altec Lansing Speaker System 83 Tech Specs

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Altec Lansing is an audio parts brand name. The original Altec Lansing company was merged with Telex Communications in 1998. Altec reacquired the naming rights in 2002 and continues to produce products under the Altec Lansing brand. In 1983, the company introduced the A6 series VOTT loudspeaker system. Parts of this system have since been reissued. This particular system may be referred to by the year of introduction for clarity.

288-8k HF Drivers

These are relatively large and powerful speaker drivers. A speaker driver is what provides power to the speaker. The 288-8k HF speaker driver forms part of the entire speaker assembly. The voice coil measures 2.8 inches in diameter. It is made from aluminium ribbon. The minimum impedance is 8 ohms. It measure 7.6 inches in total diameter and is 5.8 inches deep.

N1285-8A Network

This is the crossover network that is supplied with the A6 series VOTT speaker system. It enables you to route the speakers. It has an attenuator section that allows you to select which frequency range in which you wish the speakers to operate. The choices are 500hz, 800hz and 1200hz. This component has linear design for low noise and high-fidelity output. The nominal impedance for this network is 8 ohms. The network has two inputs and four outputs.

3156 LF Loudspeakers

The system comprises two pairs of 15-inch loudspeakers. Each speaker is situated inside a 16-inch frame. The frequency response for each speaker is 50 to 2000hz. The speaker cone is constructed from a reinforced die-cast frame. The speaker magnet is made from ferrite and weighs 2268gr. Ferrite magnets are heavier than metal magnets but they retain their magnetic strength for a longer period of time. Ferrite is a more suitable material for speakers that are designed to be used at high volumes. This particular speaker was designed for high efficiency with linear response and low distortion in order to provide a high fidelity audio playback experience.

8256x Cabinet

This is the cabinet in which you mount the 3156 loudspeakers. The flange is located on the outside of the cabinet and is connected to the speaker frame and magnet structure that protrudes into the cabinet. This saves room inside the cabinet and makes adjustments easier. The cabinet is vented to reduce the risk of overheating.

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