How to make a pharaoh crown

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Pharaohs of ancient Egypt did not have only one crown, but a number of different designs, worn on specific occasions. One such crown was the so-called double crown: a combination of the crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt. Pharaoh Menes was the first to unite Egypt under one kingdom and the double crown symbolised his undisputed rule. It is not difficult to make the double crown, even though you need to pay special attention on the white Upper Egypt part.

Measure the forehead perimeter of the person who is going to wear the crown. Draw a long horizontal rectangle on the red construction paper, 2.5 cm (1 inch) longer than the perimeter of the forehead.

Form a vertical rectangle, starting from the middle part of the horizontal rectangle and becoming slightly thinner on top. Make its angles curved.

Cut the shape out of the red paper. Glue the two ends of the horizontal rectangle together to form the crown's base. The vertical rectangle goes to the back side of the head.

Draw two equally sized, bottlelike shapes on the white paper. Their width must be slightly less than half the size of the horizontal rectangle on the red surface.

Use sticky tape to glue the "bottles" together and form the white Upper Egypt crown. Carefully stuff it with newspapers to make it resemble a "Smurfs" hat.

Glue the white crown and the bottom part of the red crown's vertical rectangle. This way you can prevent the white crown from falling off.

Draw the head and part of the body of a small snake on the yellow construction paper. Cut it out and glue it on the front side of the red crown.

Pierce the front side of the white crown with a red pipe cleaner. The pipe cleaner must point upwards. Bend it on top to form a spiral.

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