DeLonghi Nabucco Instructions

The DeLonghi Caffe Nabucco is a combination espresso machine and coffeemaker that you can use to make a fresh pot or single cup of the caffeinated beverage. This particular model of coffeemaker features a 1,478ml. water tank with marks to help you make the exact number of cups you intend to drink. You can also use the steaming function of the machine to make a hot beverage such as cappuccino as well.

Open the top lid of the DeLonghi Nabucco if you are making drip coffee. Remove the water tank from the machine and fill it with cold water up to the level that corresponds to the number of cups you want to make. Replace the tank in the machine by pressing it down until it clicks into place.

Unscrew the boiler cap on top of the machine by turning it to the left if you are making espresso or cappuccino. Fill the smaller carafe used for espresso with tap water up to the line that matches the number of cups you want to make. Pour that water into the boiler opening and close the cap.

Open the front door of the machine by grasping the lip on the side and pulling it sideways. Place a coffee filter into the filter holder inside of the opening. Remove the filter holder and insert an espresso filter into the holder if you are making espresso.

Use the measuring scoop that came with the machine to load fresh coffee grounds onto the filter in the machine. Use one scoop for each cup of coffee you intend to make. Use the scoop to spread out the grounds so that the pile is evenly dispersed in the filter.

Close the front door of the machine for drip coffee. Place the filter holder into the boiler opening with the handle on the left side and push up and turn the handle to the right if you are making espresso. Place the empty pot with the lid on onto the hotplate at the bottom of the machine for drip coffee or under the boiler opening spout for espresso.

Press the "Drip Coffee ON/OFF" button or the "Espresso ON/OFF" button to turn the machine on and it will begin making the coffee. Press the "5" or "10" button if you wish to make five or ten cups.

Wait for the coffee to drip into the pot. When it is finished, leave the machine on to keep the pot warm while drinking the contents. When finished, remove the pot for cleaning and press the "ON" button again to turn the machine off.

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