How to Operate a Cookworks Signature Tea Maker

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The Cookworks Signature Tea Maker works much like an automatic coffee drip machine. You set the time and alarm, add tea to the pot, add water and you can have fresh tea brewed any time you want. The tea pot holds about 4 cups of tea.

Plug your Cookworks Signature Tea Maker into a nearby A/C outlet. Place your tea bags in your ceramic tea pot that comes with your tea maker. Keep in mind your tea maker can make up to 4 cups of tea. Depending on how many cups you will be making, place 1 to 4 bags in the pot.

Add water to the top compartment on your Cookworks Signature Tea Maker. Fill it anywhere from the 1 to 4 cup line, depending on how many cups of tea you'd like to make.

Set the clock time. Hold down the grey "Clock" button and set the current time on the clock.

Set the alarm time. This will be the time you want your tea to boil and brew. Hold down the grey "Alarm" button under the clock, and set the alarm time. Your Cookworks Signature Tea Maker will boil your water several minutes before the alarm time you set to give your tea time to brew in the hot water. Once the tea has brewed, the alarm will sound. Turn off your alarm by hitting the power button under the clock. Unplug and pour yourself a warm cup of tea.

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