How to Take the Magimix M300 Apart

coffee in coffee image by Maria Brzostowska from

The Magimax M300 is an automatic espresso/coffee machine that makes a variety of different drinks. With the machine you already have the water and grounds waiting for you in the morning, so all you have to do is power it on and wait for the machine to peculate. Occasionally you do need to clean the interior of the machine so it is important to know how to take the Magimix M300 apart.

Turn off the Magimix M300 and disconnect it from the electrical socket. Once turned off unscrew the metal fitting on the front of the Magimix that sports the coffee drip.

Remove the front grate from the machine (where the coffee mug sits) then slide out the water compartment from the rear of the coffee machine.

Pull up on the compartment holding the coffee grinds. This exposes an internal compartment that gives you access to the interior of the machine.

Slide the compartment up and pull out the cover. This gives you complete access to the interior of the Magimix M300

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