How to make Kool-Aid

Wikimedia Commons

Kool-Aid is a refreshing beverage that is easy to make and fun to drink. Not only is it a beverage children can partake in making, but it can also be used to make ice loollies and other frozen treats. With Kool-Aid, you can control how much sugar to add, just in case you are watching your calories or sugar intake.

Below are a few simple steps to guide you in making Kool-Aid.

Open the Kool-Aid pack, and pour it into the jug.

Add 200 g (1 cup) of sugar to the jug.

Pour about 237 ml (1 cup) of water into the jug and stir with spoon.

Fill the jug with water and stir.

Taste the Kool-Aid to make sure it is not to sweet or sour. Add more sugar or Kool-Aid packs until the desired taste is reached.

Add ice cubes and serve.