How to Troubleshoot a Krups Coffee Maker

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According to the website, the Krups brand include varieties of traditional auto-drip coffee makers as well as modern dual carafe models.

Whether you are troubleshooting at home to fix your auto-drip or dual carafe, try these tips to get your machine working properly so it can deliver that all-important cup of coffee. If you continue to have problems with your Krups coffee maker, the Krups website provides repair or replacement services via phone or e-mail.

Plug your Krups coffee maker into an electrical socket and switch the coffee maker to the "on" position. Keep in mind that the electrical socket may need to be switched if there is an outage issue or low voltage.

Check the tank for excessive water. Empty the water tank and refill it with no more than one thermal carafe of water.

Pre-heat thermal coffee carafe or dual coffee carafes with hot water to prevent coffee from cooling too quickly in the carafe. Empty the water from the carafe and start the brewing process. Once the coffee is brewed, keep the carafe tightly sealed to prevent heat from escaping.

Check the amount of ground coffee in the filter. Use one tablespoon of coffee per cup of brewed coffee to avoid overflow.

De-scale your coffee machine. Add 236ml of vinegar or a diluted Krups-brand descaling solution to the water reservoir. Remove the basket that holds the filter. Place the empty carafe in the coffee maker and start the brew cycle. When the solution is at mid-level in the reservoir, stop the brew cycle and let the machine sit for one hour. Re-start it to run the rest of the cycle and pour the vinegar solution down the sink. Add 236ml of water to the reservoir and run full cycle, repeating once, to rinse.