How to clean a Saniflo

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Saniflo says you can clean or descale Saniflo units with the same household cleaning products that you use on the toilet in your bathroom, although the company advises against cleaning solutions that produce a high volume of foam.

Agitation from the macerator in the Saniflo unit causes foaming cleaners to interrupt the efficiency of the machine's pump mechanism. The manufacturer recommends its own brand of descaler if you need to descale the unit, but other brands are suitable.

Switch off the power unit or remove the fuse so the unit is disconnected from the main electricity supply.

Lift the toilet lid and pour approximately half a bottle of toilet cleaner, bleach or descaler into the pan. Do not use all three products at the same time. Close the lid and press the toilet flush button or handle.

Leave the toilet for approximately two hours with the mains power switched off.

Reinstate the electricity supply to the Saniflo unit. The macerator and pump will start up and activate the toilet flushing mechanism.

Wipe down outer surfaces with antibacterial spray and a clean cloth. Do not use abrasive powder-based cleaners on Saniflo units.