Sugar-Free Softs Drinks That Do Not Contain Aspartame

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Most sugar-free drinks that don't contain aspartame use sucralose, or Splenda. Sucralose and Splenda are basically the same thing. Splenda is a particular brand of sucralose.

Splenda and sucralose are a no-calorie sweeteners that taste very similar to sugar and do not leave a bitter aftertaste because it's derived from sugar. Many diet drinks use Splenda or sucralose rather than aspartame because it tastes like the regular drinks.

Diet Rite

Diet Rite claims to have made the first diet drink to use a sodium-free formula. In addition, the recipe is also aspartame free and was the first major carbonated drink to use Splenda. These sodas are have no calories, caffeine and carbohydrates and come in the following flavours: Cherry Cola, Black Cherry, White Grape, Tangerine, Cola, Red Raspberry and Kiwi Strawberry.

Diet Coke

Coca-Cola began making Diet Coke sweetened with Splenda in 2005. Look for the can with the Splenda logo on the front, because some Diet Cokes are sweetened with aspartame. According to it's website, Coca-Cola's formula with Splenda was made in response to customer demand.

Pepsi One

Pepsi One is sweetened with Splenda. It contains one calorie per serving, as well as sodium and caffeine. Unlike some of the natural soft drinks, it does contain artificial colouring and sweeteners.

Jonas Diet Sodas

Jonas Zero Calorie Zilch diet sodas also have zero calories and are sweetened with sucralose. These sodas are caffeine-free but contain sodium: Black Cherry, Pomegranate and Vanilla.

Hansens Natural Diet Sodas

Hansen's Natural Diet Sodas are sweetened with Splenda and do not use artificial colours, preservatives, gluten, caffeine or sodium. Flavours include Diet Black Cherry, Diet Ginger Ale Natural, Diet Peach Natural, Diet Tangerine Lime Natural, Diet Kiwi Strawberry, Diet Root Beer Natural, Diet Grapefruit and Diet Pomegranate.

Diet RC Cola

Diet RC Cola is made by the same brand that makes Diet Rite and is also made with Splenda.