How to Troubleshoot Bosch Washing Machines

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A Bosch washing machine can make your life easier. If it breaks down, however, save money by troubleshooting and repairing the problem yourself. Look in the troubleshooting section of your owner's manual for specific information related to the make and model of your Bosch washing machine. Visit the Bosch website if you need to download a new owner's manual.

Check the breaker switch and fuse to make sure the washing machine is getting power. Examine the machine for loose wires, blown fuses or bad plumbing connections. Make sure there is nothing blocking the lid switch. The washing machine will not turn on until the switch registers that the lid is closed.

Clean the screens inside the two inlet valves if the machine is not getting enough hot or cold water.

Examine the point where the agitator connects to the washing machine's driveshaft if the unit is not agitating the clothes properly. If the inside of the agitator is worn down so that it does not turn along with the shaft, replace the agitator.

Listen for the sound of the motor if your washing machine will not spin. If you hear the motor, there is probably a broken drive belt or pulley.

Disconnect and inspect the washing machine's drain hose to make sure there are no obstructions. If the washer still does not drain, replace the drain pump.

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