How to Troubleshoot a Tassimo Coffee Machine

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If you're a coffee aficionado, you're familiar with the latest one-cup coffee makers like the Tassimo coffee machine. This appliance allows you to make creative, made-to-order, gourmet coffee drinks at home by the single cup, using one-serving-size sachets of coffee. While it's designed for quick and easy use, problems with your Tassimo can put a dent in your midafternoon mocha ritual. Before you head to the coffee shop to get your fix, try a few troubleshooting steps on your own, using some of Tassimo's recommendations.

Turn off the machine and do the following steps to prepare the coffee maker for use, if all of the indicator lights flash for longer than a few seconds. Fill the water container to the "max" level. Insert the water container properly in the machine by placing it in the slot on the back of the Tassimo. Turn the machine on and continue with the steps below.

Place a 340gr. cup on the cup stand. Open the top of the brew mechanism and place the cleaning disc on the T Disc holder, bar-code side down. Push the brew mechanism clamp down until it clicks and shuts. Press the "Start/Stop" button.

Open and close the brew mechanism when the standby light goes on. Wait for the heating light and then the green "Auto" light to go on. Press the "Start/Stop" button again. Remove the cup, empty it and replace it on the cup stand.

Remove the cleaning disc from the brew mechanism. Place a T Disc in the machine with the label facing down. Wait for the heating light to go on and start the brewing process again from the beginning.

Clean the bar-code reader window above the piercing unit. Replace the T Disc with a new one if this does not help.

Place a T Disc on the T Disc holder, if the Tassimo will not move beyond Standby mode. Push the brewing mechanism top down firmly to close it.

Remove your cup and replace it with a properly sized cup, if the cup overflows. Use a 85.1gr. cup for espresso and a 354ml. cup for coffee, cappuccino, latte, tea or hot chocolate.

Lower the cup stand by inserting your finger in the stand's centre and turning the stand clockwise, if your cup is too large to fit in the stand. Remove the cup stand and drip tray to accommodate your cup, if necessary.

Raise the cup stand by inserting your finger in the centre of the stand, lifting and turning the stand counterclockwise. This will move the cup closer to the brew mechanism and prevent splashing.

Press the start/stop button to stop the cycle, if the brew mechanism is leaking. Open the top of the brew mechanism and remove the T Disc. Clean the inside of the brew mechanism with a soft cloth. Pull out the piercing unit and replace it. Press it down firmly to ensure that it is in place.

Turn off and unplug the Tassimo, if the bottom of the machine is leaking. Pull out the drip tray (located under the cup stand), backsplash (located behind the cup stand) and cup stand from the bottom of the unit. Empty the drip tray of any excess liquid. Reposition the parts in the machine, making sure to press them into the unit firmly so that they are secure.

Wipe off the water expansion outlet above the cup holder with a cloth dipped in white vinegar.

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