How to Make Snap Crackle Pop Costumes

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Snap, Crackle and Pop are the characters printed on the box of Kellogg's Rice Krispies. In some other countries, the cereal has other names, such as Rice Bubbles in Australia. The characters have different names in other countries as well.

In Mexico they are called Pim, Pam and Pum; in Sweden they are Piff, Paff and Puff; and in Germany, they're Knisper, Knasper and Knusper. Each of the characters are dressed differently, with their hats being the main feature of their costumes. Use fabric paints or ink markers to write the character's name on the appropriate colour and type of hat.

Put on white trousers. Wear a white slipover or button-down shirt.

Fold a plain red bandanna in half to create a triangular shape. Tie the bandanna loosely around your neck with the pointed end in the front.

Spray your hair with red hair colouring if you want to copy Snap's red hair look.

Pull a white cloth or paper chef's hat firmly onto your head and write "SNAP" on it with a black marker. Be sure to have the name show at the front.

Use costume make-up to draw some freckles on Snap's face, if you wish.

Dress in a blue shirt and blue trousers.

Fold a white bandanna in half to form a triangle. Roll the widest part of the bandanna down toward the point several times until it forms a strip. Tie the rolled bandanna around your neck, making sure the tied part is in the front.

Put on a blond wig, if desired.

Write "CRACKLE" with a black marker on the front of a red and white striped stocking cap and put it on over the wig or your own hair, making sure the name on the hat faces forward.

Spread circles of red face make-up on Crackle's cheeks to make them look rosy.

Wear a red shirt and red trousers. Keep in mind that Pop's outfit is much like a military coat and hat and that a button-down shirt will be most appropriate.

Pin a yellow epaulette (strip of fabric or felt) onto each shoulder with safety pins.

Consider wearing a brown wig if your hair is not brunette. Write "POP" with a black marker on the front of a box-type yellow hat and place it on the wig or your hair with the bill directly in the front centre of your forehead.

Fasten a black belt around your waist.

Give Pop a light layer of pink or red cheek make-up for slightly rosy cheeks.